September 06, 2013

August Empties

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I've had internet issues and have been crazy busy with work.  I did better this month! Used up 5 full-sized products!

L to R: Quo Luxury Cotton Pads, Bic Silky Touch Razors

Quo Luxury Cotton Pads: these are the nicest cotton pads I've used yet! These have one side without texture (just smooth, perfect for nail polish removal) and the other side with ridges that are great for make-up removal! Seriously soft, no lint (which means no mess from nail removal unless it's glitter) and not bad for the price (I think I got these on sale at Shoppers for $2 for the package). I will definitely repurchase these cotton pads!

Bic Silky Touch Razors: these are my fav razors! It might be because they come in cute colours but I also like that they're only 2 bladed razors since that is generally all I need

Andrea Eye-Qs Makeup Remover Pads in Moisturizing

Andrea Eye-Qs Makeup Remover Pads in Moisturizing: I picked these up from this haul here. Loved the price ($5 for both these and the q-tips!). These are effective at removing eye makeup, but they are very greasy and leave a film everywhere that I need to wipe off with Kleenex and wash my face after using. I think if I decide to pick these up I'll opt for the Sensitive version to see if that's less greasy and irritating for my eyes.

L to R: Sunsilk ThermaShine Conditioner, Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Wash and Foam Bath in Vanilla Verbena

Sunsilk ThermaShine Conditioner: I'm not a big user of conditioner in general, I use it about once a week or before straightening my hair.  I got this a while back (probably 4 years ago....) I don't believe SunSilk is still available for sale in Canada, but let me know if I'm wrong.  This doesn't smell particularly nice, it's just the typical soap smell.  I didn't find this made my hair shiny-er, but I also didn't notice any heat damage to my hair (although the use of heat is quite infrequent). I wouldn't buy this again, but because smell is important to me not because I thought this was a bad product.

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Wash and Foam Bath in Vanilla Verbena: I got this as a Christmas gift a couple of Christmases ago and finally used it up. I love the smell of this body wash, just pure vanilla.  This lathers well so I used it for shaving as well as normal body wash.  I did find that the smell helped relieve tension and calm me (but who's stressed in the shower anyways?).  I would definitely repurchase this body wash, it's one of my favs!

What products did you love in August?

Thanks for reading!