September 30, 2015

NOTD: September 30, 2015

This mani is Julep Zoey (from this haul). It's one of those polish that changes its shade based on the lighting, here it's almost blue, in darker light it's more green, but mostly I'd call it a gray.

I used NYC Matte Me Crazy as the base, 2 coats of Zoey and a top coat of Orly Top2Bottom. I did experience some difficulties with Zoey's formula, you can see some clumps/grooves.

I still really like this shade and its versatility!

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September 28, 2015

Arbonne Haul!

A friend of mine recently started selling Arbonne products. I was invited to a product party, and despite my hesitance around the whole network marketing aspect of it. I decided to put in an order.

For those who want to make up their own minds google the company, honestly it seems like a bit of a pyramid scheme in my opinion, and I was hugely turned off by having to pay for shipping (that goes against my morals!)

L to R: Pure Mint Deodorant, FC5 Cooling Foot Cream, Lip Save Sunscreen

I've been interested in testing out all-natural deodorant for a while, however I'm concerned about how smelly I'll be, so I'm saving this out for when I have limited exposure to people and it isn't so hot out!

Foot cream is something I know I need to add into my at least weekly routine to keep my feet soft and supple. I'll let you know what I think of this one!

And of course lip balm, because these are essential to nice smooth lips! Bonus of spf 30!

Keep your eyes out for these products in empties posts in the future!

Have you tried Arbonne? What are your thoughts?

September 26, 2015

NOTD: September 26, 2015

This vampy mani is 2 coats of nails inc. St. Martin's Lane (from this haul) with 2 coats of Deborah Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad (from this haul).

I think these complement each other nicely! Also both had really nice formulas!

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September 24, 2015

NOTD: September 24, 2015

This is 2 coats of Color Club Lady Holiday (from this haul) with 2 coats of nails inc. George Street (from this haul).

This weekend I inventoried my nail polish stash, and now endeavor to use more of my already tried polish more regularly.

These 2 polish were looking slightly worse for the wear, Lady Holiday is starting to separate (see the darker gray at the bottom) and George Street gets a large amount of clear at the top. Hopefully by identifying these issues sooner I can get enough use out of the polish and maybe even fix them!

How do you keep your polish from thickening/separating?

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September 22, 2015

NOTD: September 22, 2015

Happy First Day of Fall! In celebration, here's a vampy red NOTD!

This is Deborah Lippmann Through the Fire (from this haul). I used NYC Matte Me Crazy as the base, 2 coats of Through the Fire, and topped it was Orly Top2Bottom.

This was close to being a one-coater, but I wasn't careful enough.

What are you most looking forward now that's it's Fall?

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September 20, 2015

September Maven Box

Another month where I was tempted by Julep! It likely helped that my pile of untried was looking pretty small too! Such a hoarder :P

For more information on the Maven program, click here.

This month I opted for It Girl

L to R: Aubrey, Zoey, Delores

Love Delores - who can resist a purple holo?!? Aubrey also looks unique to my collection. And therefore by default I got the more boring Zoey as well. I refuse to switch to the $25 customizable box!

I also chose 3 add-ins, as there was a bonus gift offered this month, and a number of the add-ons where items I was interested in in the past

L to R: Sawyer, Paula, Casey

Paula I remember tempting me the month it was released, I'm a sucker for teals so Casey was an easy pick. Sawyer was my attempt at something different, we'll see if it works with my skintone!

L to R: Julep, London

Julep was the freebie added to everyone's boxes, and I love it! A perfect purple/pink hybrid! London was my bonus for 3 add-ons, and I am happy with the shade as well!

All in all I think I got a great deal with 8 polish for $47 (CAD). Look for these in upcoming NOTD!

Did you opt in this month? Will you be picking up the October box?

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September 05, 2015

NOTD: September 5, 2015

This gorgeous sparkley look is Illamasqua Fire Rose!

I used NYC Matte Me Crazy as the base, 1 coat (!!!) of Fire Rose, and no topper to preserve the textured glitter of the polish (and also because I was lazy...)

I picked this polish up from The Bay for $8, a steal considering they're usually $18+ here in Canada. Definitely not disappointed, a girl can never have too many 1 coaters!

Did you pick up anything Illamasqua while The Bay was discontinuing it?

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September 03, 2015

August Empties!

A less successful month of empties, but empties nonetheless!

L to R: Live Clean Monoi Oil Strengthening Conditioner, Quo Cosmetic Pads

Live Clean Monoi Oil Strengthening Conditioner: I really liked how soft and strong this conditioner made my hair feel! The scent was so tropical too, a bit of coconut and something else I can't wrap my nose around. I also really like that Live Clean is a Canadian-owned environmentally company! I will definitely pick up more products from them!

Quo Cosmetic Pads: I think these might be my ideal cotton pads, these are cheaper than the "Luxury" ones, and yet strong enough to handle glitter nail polish removal. Will definitely repurchase!

What did you use up in August?

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