September 28, 2015

Arbonne Haul!

A friend of mine recently started selling Arbonne products. I was invited to a product party, and despite my hesitance around the whole network marketing aspect of it. I decided to put in an order.

For those who want to make up their own minds google the company, honestly it seems like a bit of a pyramid scheme in my opinion, and I was hugely turned off by having to pay for shipping (that goes against my morals!)

L to R: Pure Mint Deodorant, FC5 Cooling Foot Cream, Lip Save Sunscreen

I've been interested in testing out all-natural deodorant for a while, however I'm concerned about how smelly I'll be, so I'm saving this out for when I have limited exposure to people and it isn't so hot out!

Foot cream is something I know I need to add into my at least weekly routine to keep my feet soft and supple. I'll let you know what I think of this one!

And of course lip balm, because these are essential to nice smooth lips! Bonus of spf 30!

Keep your eyes out for these products in empties posts in the future!

Have you tried Arbonne? What are your thoughts?