September 20, 2015

September Maven Box

Another month where I was tempted by Julep! It likely helped that my pile of untried was looking pretty small too! Such a hoarder :P

For more information on the Maven program, click here.

This month I opted for It Girl

L to R: Aubrey, Zoey, Delores

Love Delores - who can resist a purple holo?!? Aubrey also looks unique to my collection. And therefore by default I got the more boring Zoey as well. I refuse to switch to the $25 customizable box!

I also chose 3 add-ins, as there was a bonus gift offered this month, and a number of the add-ons where items I was interested in in the past

L to R: Sawyer, Paula, Casey

Paula I remember tempting me the month it was released, I'm a sucker for teals so Casey was an easy pick. Sawyer was my attempt at something different, we'll see if it works with my skintone!

L to R: Julep, London

Julep was the freebie added to everyone's boxes, and I love it! A perfect purple/pink hybrid! London was my bonus for 3 add-ons, and I am happy with the shade as well!

All in all I think I got a great deal with 8 polish for $47 (CAD). Look for these in upcoming NOTD!

Did you opt in this month? Will you be picking up the October box?

Thanks for reading!