April 29, 2015

NOTD: April 29, 2015

What a perfect feminine mani for this lovely spring weather! This is 2 coats of Anna Sui Minnie Mouse 300 Nail Color N (from this haul). I used NYC Matte Me Crazy as the base and Orly Top2Bottom as the topper.

This polish is a bit pricey regularly (at approximately $15 / bottle), but I found this on sale for $8 at Winners and couldn't resist! I love the colour, really bright and fun!

Something I did not expect about the polish is the smell. When this dries it has a rose scent to it. Pretty strong the first few days, but it vanished almost entirely by day 3 - and I used a topper! The scent isn't my favourite - I'm more sweet and fruity than floral, but it did make the polish feel more luxe.

Have you tried Anna Sui polish? Do they all have a rose scent?

Thanks for reading!