November 03, 2014

BzzAgent Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10

Please note I received these products free to try from BzzAgent. My opinion below is my own and besides receiving these products for free, I was not compensated for my opinion.
Contents of my BzzKit:

L to R: Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Cream Shampoo, Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Cream Conditioner, Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Crème

Shampoo: This has the usual scent I've come to expect from Pantene, a bit fruity, a bit floral, but overall a "clean scent". This scent is the same throughout these three products. This shampoo is creamy and lathers really well, leaving hair feeling soft and oil-free.

Conditioner: This is a thicker conditioner, but works well untangling hair and adding to the soft / silkiness of my hair.

BB Crème: This is a leave in conditioner/styling product for use after shampooing and conditioning. I thought I'd review this product around it's 10 benefits
repair for rough hair - can't comment, my hair is quite healthy
strength against damage - can't comment, I have healthy hair and don't usually do anything that would damage my hair
silky softness - I feel that the conditioner does this better than the BB Crème, but when I use different shampoos / conditioners and then the BB Crème it does add silkiness to my hair.
brilliant shine - I'm not sure I would say brilliant shine, but it does add shine
smoothing - it somewhat smoothes my puffy / frizzy hair
moisture - as my hair is quite oily, my hair doesn't usually feel dry so I can't comment on this claim
frizz control - this does seem to help reduce the frizz in my hair
heat protection - while I probably only use heat on my hair once a week, I haven't noticed any damage to my hair after using this BB Crème before a blow dry / flat iron my hair.
manageability - this does make my hair more manageable
tamed flyaways - I tend to get short hairs at the front of my head that stick up and are out of control, the BB Crème doesn't make these go away, but does somewhat tame them.

I have found through using different combinations of these products and products currently in my shower, that the biggest difference to my hair is made when I use both the conditioner and the BB Crème, however I do still notice how silky soft my hair is when I just use the shampoo.

My recommendation if you're interested in trying out these new products would be to start with just the conditioner and the BB Crème and add them into your normal hair care routine. If your hair is quite damaged / rough, then you would maybe want to use all three products together.

Thanks for reading!