November 22, 2014

Fav Movies of 2013

I've finally watched post of the 2013 movies that interested me!

Warm Bodies poster

10. Warm Bodies: This was a surprise favourite for me! Concept doesn't appeal much to me as I'm not a fan of zombies, but this story was heart warming, funny, and well-executed! The two lead actors are great in their roles, Nicholas Hoult in particular is hilariously awkward adding much of the movies humour. I definitely recommend to fans of rom coms and post-apocalyptic films alike!

9. Star Trek: Into Darkness: Having been surprised by how much I liked the first Star Trek revamp, I was confident that Star Trek Into Darkness would be one of my fav action movies of the year, and it didn't disappoint! While I'm still not a fan of Chris Pine, the villian of the film, Benedict Cumberbatch created new drama, and I still love the supporting cast, especially Karl Urban and Anton Yelchin.

8. The Book Thief: I'm not sure how awards season missed out on this gem. A great story, a great cast, meaningful setting, and visually appealing cinematography! This is a must see, but beware, it's heart-wrenching. Not a lot of big name actors, with the exception of Geoffrey Rush who is perfect as the loving foster dad of the title character. Bring tissues!

7. The Butler: There wasn't a lot of hype for this film, except around Oprah's role/appearance. That's disappointing giving the message of the film, and the fact that the same issues are popping up today. Another film that should have received love from the awards shows, but didn't. Some "missteps" in this film include the casting of iconic American presidents, all 3 choices seem puzzling James Marsden as JFK, Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan, Robin Williams as Eisenhower, and John Cusack as Nixon. I love James Marsden, but he pulled off his president the least convincingly. Fantastic cast with so many surprise cameos!

6. American Hustle: Finally a film I liked that received recognition! Nominations for acting were well deserved, although the competition was a bit fierce (I believe the ladies had the advantage here, because obviously Best Actor was in the bag for McConaughey, and Cooper was a long-shot for this role). A thriller / drama that keeps you guessing at what the characters are up to, but don't worry the ending isn't much of a surprise. Favourite scene of the movie: Jennifer Lawrence's Live and Let Die lip synching hands down!

5. The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug: Yes, I'm still an LOTR fangirl, and I actually liked aspects of this part 2 better than part 1 (the Mirkwood storyline, and Bard). I missed the music aspect from the first film, but know that it doesn't fit the darkening mood of Middle Earth. Still loving Martin Freeman as Bilbo and Richard Armitage as Thorin.

4. Frozen: LOVE! Definitely one of my favourite Disney movies of all time. Great voice cast (Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff), but the winner here is the story! Definitely enjoyable for all ages, and those songs will get stuck in your head!

3. Upside Down: Very under appreciated, but so well done! This movie is 100% unique. Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst are separated by fate - gravity in fact, each born on opposite sides of a dual world. I'm a sucker for rom coms but I also love a good sci fi, and this is an inventive combination of the two!

2. About Time: No, this isn't your typical time travelling rom com. It isn't a sequel to The Time Traveller's Wife either. I love this movie! Story is so much more than you expect from the trailers, and rivals Love Actually as one of my favourite films of all time. This isn't exactly a comedy, a drama, a romance, or a family film, but has aspects of them all, perfectly integrated. Cannot say enough good things about this film. Go watch it if you haven't already!

1. Catching Fire: I loved the first film, and this one didn't disappoint! I was disappointed with the casting of Jena Malone. But I knew this book was well suited to become a film, and they did a great job adapting it and keeping the integrity of the story. Also Jennifer Lawrence is so bad ass as Katniss.

So there's my list of my favourite movies of 2013, honourable mention goes out to 12 Years a Slave (so powerful, and such an important story, deserving of all the awards it won).

What were your favourite movies of last year? Any movies I should see?

Thanks for reading!